I’m currently on a red eye flying back to New York.

Every time I book a red eye I figure I will just sleep through the plane ride, but it turns out, even if I sleep the entire time, I always somehow operate at like 45% the next day.


It’s been quite a few days since my last post.

To be fair, I have stared at this blank white page for those many days, trying to figure out what I should write about.

But I felt like I should post to let you know that I am alive! …

You have already forfeited your right into my thoughts and my life.
You have already removed yourself from this equation, and have left a void in its place.

Yet, somehow, surprisingly, I still have things to say. So I will yell them into this void that you created.


I think we need a little break today!

Did you know that I was once a band nerd?
I started playing piano when I was like 6, had a stint in violin in 5th grade, decided orchestra sucked, tried to learn the flute in 2 weeks so that I didn’t…

I’m a lone sea urchin, stuck at the bottom of this abyss, and I also happen to blend in since I am the same color as the abyss & evolution has taught me camouflage is important, but no one can see me to try to help get me out.



not sure what i'm doing here

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