• What photos do I use? I just went through a quarter life crisis and changed my hair many times in the last year. Do I even look the same? I mean, sort of? But what if the guy who liked my picture with pink hair only likes Annie with pink hair? Or what about the guy who liked my picture with bangs — is he only into the version of me who had bangs?
  • Account Executive, Account Manager, SDR, BDR, Mr. I work in tech sales. Pass.
  • If you don’t show your teeth in any of your photos, I immediately assume you have no teeth and therefore give you an x. Kidding about the teeth, but also not kidding. Next.
  • If you’re listed as ‘Moderate’. What does that even mean? Next.
  • If the answers to your prompts:
    -Have spelling errors
    -Mention tequila or shots
    -Make you sound like you’re looking for a manic pixie dream girl to show up and change your life. Let me save you some time & go watch 500 Days of Summer.
    -If you leverage the voice recording as an answer to a prompt. Like listen, I’m not saying it’s 100% a deal breaker, but I’m telling you I’m not only judging you on the answer but I’m judging you by the sound of your voice. Is that too judge-y? Probably.



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