How are you feeling 2/18

2 min readFeb 19, 2021

I’m a lone sea urchin, stuck at the bottom of this abyss, and I also happen to blend in since I am the same color as the abyss & evolution has taught me camouflage is important, but no one can see me to try to help get me out.

I’m that forgotten, used up dryer sheet, left on the floor of the laundry room that’s been stepped on a few times.

I’m that little bit of cookie dough left in the mixing bowl, that knows it isn’t enough to make a whole cookie & will never get to be one.

I’m that weird wire hanger you may have gotten from the dry cleaners in your parents’ closet that never gets used because there’s a bunch of sturdy plastic and wooden ones that always get used instead.

You know how you sometimes have those itchy tags on shirts and you cut off those shirts and there’s that little bit that you can’t seem to cut off? Yeah, that.

*So it turns out Medium only lets you post three posts a day. Clearly I didn’t know this and this is why it’s dated for yesterday. Now that it is 2/19, I obviously don’t feel like the above things!

As of today, this is how I’m feeling:

I’m the carton of eggs that’s sitting in someone’s fridge and that someone is currently grocery shopping and buys more eggs thinking that they don’t have any at home.

I’m that flute that you begged your parents to buy you in middle school that is currently just gathering dust somewhere deep in your closet because you can’t even play flute anymore.

I’m the yeast being used by an excited first-time quarantine baker, who accidentally kills me and their #breadgoals expectations with water that is a scalding 140°F.

You know how you wanted to be an ice-cream taster when you grew up? Well, I’m your manager, who has been waiting for you to show up for 18 years, who just found out you decided to go be a software engineer instead.